Best Pokemon Blue Team Venusaur

Best Pokemon Blue Team Venusaur. Hello people and welcome to a brand new series on my channel where i shall construct pokemon teams for a specific starter we are going to do: Venusaur can be easily ko'd while charging up.

The best team for Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green from

And excadrill is still the best physical weather sweeper in the game! Drill peck for grass types and a stabbed physical move, and reflect for some. Venu is the main sweeper of the team.

By Spreading The Broad Petals Of Its Flower And Catching The Sun’s Rays, It Fills Its Body With Power.

There were no known abilities or equippable items back in the red/blue pokemon games. It stays on the move to seek sunlight. It deals solid damage and has an increased chance of landing a critical hit.

Venusaur Is Exclusively A Choice For Sun Teams, As It Is Outclassed By Roserade And.

Its 140 special attack and solar power ability upon mega evolving certainly tells that tale. The flower on its back catches the sun’s rays. And excadrill is still the best physical weather sweeper in the game!

Venusaur Is Somewhere On The Level Of Victreebel.

Here is a team for pokemon yellow, but they can work in red and blue also. Thanks to the help of mega evolution, mega houndoom went from a respectable special attacker on a good day to a potent sun sweeper, feared by most other pokemon in its tier. It's a almost common sight to see venusaur out in the 1st generation battlefield.

As Said Before, Blastoise Is One Of The Most Useless, And Weakest Water Types, And Charizard Isn't Even The Best Fire Type, Actually He's Not Even The Best Fire/Flying Type Either.

I put trade evolutions on here. Venu is the main sweeper of the team. It also has useful moves such as growth and sleep powder to break teams by boosting up or putting a check out of commission.

There Are No Wild Venusaurs In Blue/Red Or Yellow, But It Can Easily Be Obtained In Each One Of The Three Games.

Moveset & best build for celesteela. The best pokemon with shields in play. The plant blooms when it is absorbing solar energy.

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